Highschool DxD DX 1 Full Text on Baka Tsuki

DxD DX Life 1 (Abduction ERO!) On Baka Tsuki

DxD DX Life 2 (Ultimateǃǃ Onii-chan Mask) On Baka Tsuki

DxD DX Life 3 (Stop!! Yuuto-kun!) On Baka Tsuki

DxD DX Life 4 (Records of Chichiryuutei’s Pleasure Adventure) On Baka Tsuki

DxD DX Life 5 (Love Song to the Reincarnated Angel) On Baka Tsuki

DxD DX Life 6 (Let’s Go to Onsen) Already translated by Code Zero

DxD DX Extra Life (Phoenix of the Battle School Building DX?) On Baka Tsuki

DxD DX Afterword On Baka Tsuki



Highschool DxD DX 2

DxD DX 2 Life 1 (Oppai is the Sun) Done Translated

DxD DX 2 Life 2 (Student Council’s Decision) Done by zxzxzx

DxD DX 2 Life 3 (Let’s Go with Training) TBA

DxD DX 2 Life 4 (Worship☆Dragon-God Girl) TBA

DxD DX 2 Life 5 (Nekomata☆Ninja Scroll) TBA

DxD DX 2 Life 6 (Maniac’s Sanctuary) TBA

DxD DX 2 Life EX (Hyakki Yako and Pandemonium) TBA

DxD DX 2 Afterword TBA


I have made my translations available on Baka Tsuki where editors there will fix some mistakes and errors that we have missed in initial QC. Most up to date versions will be now on Baka Tsuki therefore I will no longer edit the content on this blog after I have made them public on Baka Tsuki. (However, i will periodically update PDF so don’t worry.)

Problem with translating from Korean translation and not Japanese is that since it was translated from it’s original source into other language, some meanings  might have been lost or changed.

I will only upload when Alexis and I am satisfied with final version of FULL Life chapter.



  1. Thanks so much for what you’ve done! I never thought I’d see DX1 near completion so soon if not for you guys. Best of luck in your exam! 🙂

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