Korean Light Novel release for May include DxD DX 2

For those of you waiting for DX 2 translation, well I’ve got good news for you. Actually, two good news.

First good news is that ZX-ZX-ZX is currently translating one of the short stories from DX 2. The Student Council’s decision. I don’t know how long he’s going to take, and please don’t bother him about it either.

Second good news is that Korean light novel licensee Novel Engine (노블엔진) is releasing Korean translation of DX 2! (Here are full release for May)

But….. of course there’s a catch to that. See, I’ve got this thing called exam in May…. so i won’t be able to translate the book until exam finishes which will be at the end of May so i will be able to start translating from beginning of June. (And since all the internship places rejected me I’ll have plenty of time during summer to translate :P)


10 thoughts on “Korean Light Novel release for May include DxD DX 2”

  1. Sorry to hear that you got rejected for internships, don’t be let down, I’m sure you will eventually find something suited for you. Glad to hear that you will be translating DX.2, thanks for your hard work.

    P.S. Hope you do well on your exam.

      1. yes sir please do before something bad happens as zxzxzx sir did. (he has even showed to us how to do it). & thankyou for your reply.

  2. Hey, thank you for picking up DX.2

    I wanted to ask if you can give us some spoilers on Life.EX, as it is the only one we know nothing about.

    Thanks in advance and good luck in your exams.

        1. Oh that one? Its about trying to get other yokai faction to cooperate essentially. Since there is yokai faction from kyoto, and there is yokai faction that Kuroka used to be part of. Its story about trying to get those to cooperate. Oh and also Ophis and kunow makes an appearance

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