About me

Hi there, welcome to my blog.

this is a blog i started for my Korean translation project on Sono Hanabira series (A Kiss for the Petals series). i’ll be updating the progress on this blog. However, as my interest broadens, this blog might become where i can express my anime/manga interests.

Now, i translate Highschool DxD short stories in my spare time.

This is my email adress if you want to contact me.


i also upload playthrough videos on youtube as well.

not available anymore. sorry.




2 thoughts on “About me”

  1. Hey Daniel, I’m just some random person who was intrigued by what you are doing. To start, let me say thank you for your enjoyable videos. I find admiration in your determination and continued effort on your project. I like how you’ve persisted in uploading your videos and updating your blog even with all the challenges you’re up against.

    Now, I want to ask you a few questions. First, what exactly is it that you do? When I read about your “Korean translation project”, I assume that you actually translate text within the series. If I’m correct, does it mean that you actually program the code of the series into different languages? As a random person, I do not have any idea at all how complex the process would be to do so, which us why I automatically appreciate what you are doing for the entertainment of others. Sorry if I complicated that first question too much.

    Second, how long have you been working on this project? Your blog’s archives suggest since last year August, although your YouTube channel dates back to the June before that.

    Lastly, why? Why are you doing what you are doing now? Is it a hobby of yours, or do you usually receive or expect some type of reward for your efforts?

    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. I just realized that since you translate languages, English might not be a fluent language of yours. I’m sorry if I give you any trouble with reading all of this text. ^^’

    1. Hi, and thank you very much for the comment. i really appreciate it. and don’t worry, i’m fluent in english as well as korean which i translated the series to before.
      for the answer to the first question, i don’t translate the visual novel aspect of the series, what i have translated is light novel of the series where extra story of the characters in the series are told. since i don’t read japanese, i had to translate it using the english translation of the original work. however, i do want to translate the visual novels into korean as well, i just don’t have knowledge and time to do so right now.
      i’ve started this project last summer where i had time to spend doing other things beside from studying. currently, the project is in hiatus as i’m in university and don’t have time to continue the project.; also, since korean community in Sono Hanabira series is very small, i felt that my project wasn’t very much of use to anybody.
      i started this as a hobby and nothing more. i though it’ll be fun to do and i had time to kill so i stuck to it. the translation of the series isn’t ongoing at the moment, but i’m intending to continue the rest of the stuff i’m doing as much as i can. i’ll still upload youtube videos, and i’ll do my best to help people who are actually translating the visual novels from japanese to english.

      i want to say thank you again, although i don’t have time right now, i still try to work on the blog, which is proving to be much more difficult then i have first imagined.


      ps, if you are interested in the process of translating VN, ask AXYPB (craig donson) or go to following address.

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