3 thoughts on “My Light Novel Reading List”

  1. hmm…. seems your reading list is a little limited here. 😛
    I highly suggest reading:
    Mushoku Tensei,
    Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari,
    Mondaiji-tachi ga isekai kara kuru sou desu yo,

    if you happen to find the time. 😛
    all of them are pretty much fantasy genre though. >_> so expect that much… but each story is quite different so you shouldn’t get bored with them. 😉

    1. Thanks. I am trying to read more LN but it seems like real life stuff is taking too much time. Only thing I’ve read that’s not on this list is Spice and Wolf so that should tell you how much I’m reading ATM :p

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